Squirt Chain Lube
Tuesday, 9 August 2011

At the 2020 MT BIKE WORLD CHAMPS the first 3 male competitor were all using Squirt Lube

This is the ideal mt, road and track bike chain lubricant. It has the right viscosity, various selected waxes, extreme pressure additives and dry lubricants; it gives long lasting lubrication while keeping the chain clean. Of all wax chain lubricants it lasts longest on a wet ride.

Nothing beats it in dry and dusty conditions. No degreasing required; if needed, clean with dry brush! Once youve tried it you'll never go back to anything else.

Why Squirt?

  •  Squirt provides effective lubrication in both wet and dry conditions.
  •  It doesn’t gather dirt like other lubes which makes it easier to keep your drive train clean.
  •  Squirt contains a wax content higher than other lubes.
  •  It prolongs the life of your drive train.
  •  It improves gear shifting.
  •  Squirt reduces chain noise and friction so you ride more efficiently.
  •  Its biodegradable, solvent free and environmentally friendly.
  • Squirt lube has been tested as the fastest chain lube in the world!

Select from 120ml white or pink, or a bulk 500ml bottle (available in white only).



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