Barrier Balm Review

RRP: 100GM (PICTURED) $25; 20GM, $9.50

There’s no doubt that a well-fitting saddle and a decent set of bibs are key factors in being comfortable on the bike. Saddle sores, chafing and other irritations are not something a cyclist should put up with! So, as your mileage increase you’d be wise to invest in decent protection for ‘that’ area too. With several chamois creams on the market Squirt Barrier Balm offers something a little different. Firstly it’s a thick protective salve, has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and is water and sweat resistant to ensure that it stays on the skin for an extended period of time.

A few weeks back I headed across the ditch to ride over 500km in three days. This was no easy feat but ideal testing for the product. Upon initial application, the Barrier Balm felt very thick, a little sticky and tacky. To be honest I wasn’t too sure about the feel as I’m used to softer type creams. However after a few hours of riding in showery weather, I could see that the initial ‘stickiness’ meant it stayed where I had applied the balm. Stepping off the bike after the first day of over 200km there was no chafing – tick! Jumping back on the bike the next morning – meeting with more showers and cross winds - the balm did the trick and lasted the entire length of the ride. There was even a small trace after I had a shower; so either I didn’t clean properly or it’s very water repellent.

Across the next two days I used the balm and found that once it starts warming it goes on easier and I applied a thick dollop before throwing on my bibs. Throughout the test period I had no issues with saddle sores. The initial ‘feel’ of the Squirt Barrier Balm is definitely something to get used to, but overall it performed very well. LIAM FRIARY 

 NZ Road Cyclist Magazine Nov 2016



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